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HR-XML Integration

HR-xml is a human-resources data sharing standard that allows companies to efficiently and securely share large amounts of HR-related information between HR systems and services. It eliminates data entry and errors.

If your company has an existing HRIS, applicant tracking or talent management system like PeopleSoft, Taleo, HR Smart or any other applicant tracking system Trust can integrate any of our screening services to save your HR department a tremendous amount of time and costs.

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At Trust Screening, we are committed to simplifying the drug screening and recruiting management processes as much as possible. Data standardization has become an integral part of online application management, and we are dedicated to meeting HR-XML standards to allow for simple, effective communication with our clients. By automating much of our employment services and minimizing the need for manual entry, we help HR departments expedite and streamline the hiring process.

The amount of work required to manage employment applications and related information can be overwhelming for already overtaxed HR departments. With HR-XML standards, however, much of the manual work is eliminated so that HR staff can focus their time on more important aspects of the recruiting process.

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To learn more about the latest in HR-XML standards and how these advances can help to integrate HR processes, contact our friendly, experienced applicant screening professionals at Trust Screening today at 877-890-2283.